Doelpunten samenvatting


3eAlbies dubbel to right, Acuña Jr. gescoord.10
3eRiley enkel to center, Albies gescoord.20
3eOzuna grounded out to second, Riley gescoord, Olson to second.30
3eHarris II dubbel to left, Olson gescoord.40
3ed'Arnaud enkel to center, Harris II gescoord.50
3eCall homered to left (364 feet).51
5eArcia enkel to left, Harris II gescoord, d'Arnaud to second.61
7eAlbies enkel to left, Rosario gescoord, Arcia to second.71
8eOlson homered to left (371 feet).81
9eAlbies homered to right center (388 feet), Arcia gescoord.101
9eMillas enkel to center, Kieboom gescoord, L. García to third.102
9eYoung reached on infield single to shortstop, L. García gescoord, Call to second, Millas to third.103
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