Doelpunten samenvatting


1steCanha enkel to center, Frelick gescoord, Santana to second, Contreras to third.01
1steAdames hit sacrifice fly to left, Contreras gescoord.02
1steTellez enkel to center, Santana gescoord, Canha to second.03
3eL. García homered to right center (408 feet).13
4eTaylor homered to left (378 feet).14
5eDonaldson enkel to center, Adames gescoord, Tellez to second.15
6eMeneses enkel to right, Abrams gescoord, Ruiz to third.25
6eKieboom reached on infield single to second, Ruiz gescoord, Smith to second, Meneses to third.35
6eL. García gelopen, Meneses gescoord, Kieboom to second, Smith to third.45
8eAlu enkel to left, Chavis gescoord, L. García to second.55
8eCanha homered to left (411 feet), Taylor gescoord, Frelick gescoord and Santana gescoord.59
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