Doelpunten samenvatting


2eSenzel enkel to left, Fairchild gescoord.10
2eFraley grounded out to first, Senzel gescoord, Newman to third.20
2eWisdom homered to left center (424 feet), Suzuki gescoord and Tauchman gescoord.23
3eMcLain dubbel to left, India gescoord.33
5eFriedl dubbel to right, McLain gescoord, Stephenson to third.43
5eNewman gelopen, Stephenson gescoord, Senzel to second, Friedl to third.53
6eSteer homered to left center (364 feet), India gescoord.73
7eSenzel dubbel to left, Friedl gescoord.83
8eWisdom homered to left (371 feet), Mancini gescoord.85
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