Doelpunten samenvatting


1steYelich grounded into double play, shortstop to first, Ruf gescoord, Adames out at second, Contreras to third.01
2eHaniger homered to center (413 feet), Conforto gescoord.21
2eBailey enkel to center, Yastrzemski gescoord.31
3eDavis dubbel to left, Sabol gescoord.41
3eHaniger dubbel to right, Conforto gescoord and Davis gescoord.61
3eBailey reached on infield single to first, Haniger gescoord, Schmitt to second.71
3eWisely homered to right center (408 feet), Schmitt gescoord and Bailey gescoord.101
6eConforto enkel to right, Davis gescoord.111
6eSchmitt enkel to left, Conforto gescoord, Haniger to second.121
7eDavis homered to left (422 feet), Wisely gescoord.141
8eBailey hit a ground rule double, Yastrzemski gescoord.151
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