Doelpunten samenvatting


1steSwanson enkel to center, Hoerner gescoord.01
2eTurang dubbel to right, Tellez gescoord, Caratini to third.11
2eWisdom homered to left (349 feet).12
3eAdames hit sacrifice fly to center, Yelich gescoord.22
4eMitchell drievoudig to right, Anderson gescoord.32
6eWinker enkel to center, Turang gescoord and Wiemer gescoord, Yelich to third.52
6eAdames enkel to center, Yelich gescoord, Winker to second.62
6eAnderson hit sacrifice fly to center, Winker gescoord, Adames to third.72
6eMitchell enkel to center, Adames gescoord, Tellez to third.82
7eWinker hit sacrifice fly to center, Turang gescoord.92
7eWisdom homered to left center (385 feet).93
8eGomes hit sacrifice fly to right, Swanson gescoord, Happ to third.94
8eBellinger grounded into fielder's choice to second, Happ gescoord, Mancini out at second.95
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