Doelpunten samenvatting


2eBohm enkel to right center, Harper gescoord, Bohm safe at second on throwing error by right fielder Soto, Castellanos safe at third.10
2eVierling dubbel to deep right, Castellanos gescoord, Bohm to third.20
2eSosa enkel to left center, Bohm gescoord, Vierling to third.30
2eSchwarber grounded out to first, Vierling gescoord, Sosa to second.40
2eDrury homered to left (348 feet).41
2eBell homered to right (424 feet).42
5eNola enkel to right, Kim gescoord.43
5eSoto dubbel to deep right, Nola gescoord, Profar to third.44
5eDrury enkel to center, Profar gescoord and Soto gescoord, Cronenworth to third.46
5eBell enkel to right, Cronenworth gescoord, Drury to third.47
7eMachado homered to center (424 feet).48
8eHoskins homered to left (409 feet).58