Doelpunten samenvatting


2eBote homered to right (337 feet), Hoerner gescoord and Higgins gescoord.30
2eBarrero gescoord, Romine to second on passed ball by Higgins.31
3eSteer enkel to left, Fairchild gescoord.32
6eHiggins gelopen, Wisdom gescoord, Hoerner to second, Velazquez to third.42
6eBote dubbel to center, Velazquez gescoord and Hoerner gescoord, Higgins to third.62
6eMcKinstry homered to right (394 feet), Higgins gescoord and Bote gescoord.92
7eReyes enkel to center, Wisdom gescoord.102
7eHiggins dubbel to right center, Hoerner gescoord and Reyes gescoord.122
7eMorel enkel to center, Higgins gescoord, Bote to second.132
8eReyes homered to right (348 feet), Velazquez gescoord.152