Doelpunten samenvatting


1steWalker enkel to center, P. Smith gescoord, McCarthy to third.10
1steYastrzemski dubbel to deep right, Pederson gescoord, Flores to third.11
1steLongoria homered to left (398 feet), Flores gescoord and Yastrzemski gescoord.14
2ePederson drievoudig to right center, Pederson gescoord on throwing error by second baseman Rojas.15
2eLongoria homered to center (400 feet), Yastrzemski gescoord.17
4eRivera enkel to left center, Rojas gescoord.27
4ePerdomo hit sacrifice fly to left, Carroll gescoord.37
4eYastrzemski homered to right (386 feet).38
5eRojas enkel to left, McCarthy gescoord.48
6eWynns homered to left (378 feet).49
6eFlores hit sacrifice fly to right, Pederson gescoord.410
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