Doelpunten samenvatting


1steHaniger homered to center (442 feet), Suárez gescoord.02
3eHuff homered to center (421 feet).12
3eSemien homered to left (400 feet), Smith gescoord.32
3eGarcía homered to left (381 feet).42
3eHaniger homered to left (346 feet), France gescoord.44
4eKelenic homered to left (375 feet), Winker gescoord.46
6eKelenic homered to right (386 feet).47
7eSemien homered to left (361 feet).57
7eLowe homered to right (398 feet).67
8ePlawecki grounded into double play, shortstop to second to first, Thompson gescoord, Huff out at second.77
10eCalhoun enkel to deep right, García gescoord.87
10eRaleigh hit sacrifice fly to left, Haggerty gescoord, Suárez to second.88
11eSemien hit sacrifice fly to right, Taveras gescoord.98
11eTorrens enkel to right, Kelenic gescoord, Moore to second.99
11eCrawford reached on infield single to third, Moore gescoord, Torrens to second.910