Doelpunten samenvatting


2eGoodwin homered to right center (425 feet).01
3eGrandal enkel to shallow left, Moncada gescoord, Abreu to second.02
3eSheets hit sacrifice fly to left, Abreu gescoord.03
5eCelestino enkel to left, Kirilloff gescoord on throwing error by left fielder Goodwin, Celestino to second.13
5eSimmons dubbel to left, Celestino gescoord.23
5eDonaldson hit sacrifice fly to center, Simmons gescoord.33
5eCruz enkel to left, Polanco gescoord.43
5eVaughn hit sacrifice fly to left, Grandal gescoord.44
6eCollins homered to center (410 feet).45
6eAbreu hit sacrifice fly to center, Hamilton gescoord.46
7eMendick enkel to right center, Goodwin gescoord, Vaughn to third.47
7eCollins enkel to center, Vaughn gescoord, Mendick to third.48
9eJeffers enkel to right, Larnach gescoord.58
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