96-57, 46-31 Uit
56-96, 26-50 Home

Doelpunten samenvatting

1steLindor hit sacrifice fly to left, McNeil gescoord.10
1steAlonso homered to left (410 feet), Canha gescoord.30
1steGarcia dubbel to deep left, Machín gescoord and Murphy gescoord, Brown to third.32
1steCapel grounded out to second, Brown gescoord, Garcia to third.33
1steLangeliers dubbel to left, Garcia gescoord.34
2eVientos homered to right (394 feet).44
3eBrown homered to center (414 feet).45
5eCapel homered to right (371 feet).46
6eBrown enkel to center, Machín gescoord.47
7eAllen enkel to right, Capel gescoord.48
8eCapel enkel to right, Brown gescoord and Machín gescoord, Garcia to second.410