82-67, 42-35 Uit
76-73, 35-39 Home

Doelpunten samenvatting

1steGonzalez grounded into fielder's choice to third, Kwan gescoord, Naylor safe at third on throwing error by third baseman Moncada, Rosario out at third.10
1steGiménez reached on infield single to third, Naylor gescoord, Gonzalez to second.20
3eGiménez enkel to center, Naylor gescoord, Gonzalez to second.30
3eBrennan enkel to shallow center, Gonzalez gescoord, Giménez to third.40
3eHedges grounded into double play, shortstop to first, Giménez gescoord, Brennan out at second.50
4eKwan homered to right (400 feet).60
4eMoncada homered to center (430 feet).61
7eNaylor homered to right center (403 feet), Ramírez gescoord.81
7eSheets enkel to right, Jiménez gescoord.82