Doelpunten samenvatting

5eMazara homered to right (388 feet), Voit gescoord.20
5eGrisham grounded out to first, Kim gescoord, Abrams to second.30
5eAlfaro dubbel to deep left, Abrams gescoord, Cronenworth gescoord and Profar gescoord.60
7eB. Kennedy dubbel to left, Walker gescoord and Marte gescoord.62
7eC. Kelly dubbel to left, B. Kennedy gescoord.63
7eThomas grounded out to second, C. Kelly gescoord.64
8eB. Kennedy hit by pitch, Rojas gescoord, Walker to second, Marte to third.65
8eC. Kelly hit by pitch, Marte gescoord, B. Kennedy to second, Walker to third.66
9eWalker reached on infield single to first, Rojas gescoord, Marte to second.67